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The Classic $20

Our basic manicure, service refreshes your hands and renews your fingers. Hands are pampered with cuticle trimming and grooming and followed by hot towel wrap and soothing massage. Choice of Polish.

The Deluxe $25

Your Choice of our special treatment to your hands with our scented hot paraffin wax. Service to relieve your tired hands with cuticle grooming and hot towel wrap. Followed by a relaxing massage with massage oil and lotion. Your choice of polish. 

The Detox Collagen $35

Our signature manicure offers you an exquisite experience to indulge your hands and shoulders. Your Hands are shaped and groomed and exfoliated br sugar scrub. Hand are wrapped with paraffin wax while your shoulders are massages with hot stones. Finished with your choice of polish.




Relax and rejuvenate with La Palm Collagen Spa, a new luxury spa experience in a single-use Pedicure treatment. The treatment includes detox collagen bubble crystals, collagen sugar cane scrub, collagen cream mask, collagen muscle-relaxing gel, and collagen massage lotion. Collagen serum lotion for lasting softness. Paraffin treatment and hot stone massage included.

Lavender Mint Spa Pedicure $55

Relax your senses while your skin is soothed in the lavender and mint. A special blend of blend natural minerals comforts sore feet to reduce swelling and inflammation. Tea tree and peppermint oils revitalize skin with a refreshing tingle while menthol and wintergreen oils stimulate circulation. Hot stones and paraffin treatment included.

Milk & Honey Spa Pedicure $55

Enjoy a therapeutic benefit with milk and honey spar treatment that hydrates and detoxifies. Feet are softened in a honey soak, exfoliated with a honey scrub, followed by a honey mask. Formulated with nature's most soothing and effective botanicals. Enjoy a hot stone massage and a warm paraffin wax, this treatment leaves you feeling intensely hydrated. 

Sunkist Spa Pedicure $45

Purify your rough sports with a refining treatment for the skin. Fresh, cool orange slices and paraffin wax soften dry areas for silky smooth feet. Hot stones and paraffin treatment included.

Green Tea Spa Pedicure $45

A green tea-infused spa pedicure that hydrates and detoxifies. Healing, medicinal softened green tea soak. Our Green tea Pedicure includes special aromatherapy sugar scrubs, exfoliating, and paraffin wax. Relaxing hot towel wrap, a hot stone massage for a pedicure, and your choice of polish. 

Vanilla Dream Spa Pedicure $38

An extension of your Classic Spa Pedicure. Followed by a special scrub of French coffee and vanilla extract, mask with hot towels. Enjoy leg massage and hot stone. Finished with your choice color. 

Classic Spa Pedicure $30

Delight your feet with our sole-saving treatment, which includes nail trimming and shaping, cuticle grooming, callus treatment, and minty scrub. Followed by a soothing massage and hot towel wrap with your choice of polish.


Acrylic & Solar Nails

Acrylic & Solar Nails

Lengthen and strengthen your natural nails refill are recommended every two weeks.
Acrylic New Set $35
Acrylic Refill $25
Acrylic w/ Gel New Set $50
Acrylic w/ Gel Refill $40
Pink & White New Set $50
Pink & White Refill $45
Pink Refill $35
Ombre Acrylic Powder $55
Color Acrylic Powder $50
Dipping Powder

Dipping Powder

Dipping Powder $40
Dipping Powder w/ Tips $45
French Powder Gel $45
French Powder Gel w/ Tips $50
Dip Ombre $55
Gel Manicure

Gel Manicure

Gel Color $35
French/American Gel Color $40
Polish Change

Polish Change

(Includes trimming and buffing of the nails)
Hands $7
Hands with French $12
Feet $10
Feet with French $15
Acrylic Removal

Acrylic Removal

Without Service $10
With Service $5
Gel Polish

Gel Polish

Hand without Manicure $20
Toe without Pedicure $25
Paraffin Treatment

Paraffin Treatment

Hands $6
Feet $8
Additional Services

Additional Services

Additional Gel Polish $20
French Design $5
Nail Art Design $5 +
Gel Ombre $10
Chrome $15
Stiletto/Coffin Shape $5


Feet 5 Mins $10
Feet 10 Mins $15
Feet 15 Mins $20
Feet 30 Mins $35
Feet with Pedicure (10 Minutes) $10
Neck and Shoulders (30 Minutes) $30


Eyebrows $20
Eyelashes $20
Eyebrows + Eyelashes $35
Princess Menu (12 And Under)

Princess Menu (12 And Under)

Manicure $15
Pedicure $25
Kid's Gel Manicure $30
Add Gel Toe $15
Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Waxing services to remove unwanted hair.
Lip $8
Eyebrows $10
Sideburns $15
Chin $10
Full Face $35
Full Arms $35
Under Arms $23
Half Arms $25
Half Legs $35
Full Legs $55
Back $40
Chest $30
Stomach $20
Bikini $35 +
Brazilian $50 +